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ProCAD PowerStation 32 v7.0 Released

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ProCAD PowerStation 32 v7.0 Released

Detailed Release flyer (you will need Acrobat to view and print flyer)


Interactive CAD Systems is proud to announce the release of ProCAD PowerStation 32 for Windows 95/98/NT/2K/XP Version 7.0 .  This Editor supports all the features of its predecessor version 6.0, while introducing some enhanced features and new commands including support for long file names, long folder and directory path statements. All functionality and compatibilities are preserved across platforms with earlier versions of  ProCAD Advanced for Windows and ProCAD Xtra for DOS.

 The following new features were introduced in Version 7.0: 

  • Lots of enhancement to existing commands including single click composite short cut commands for common operations such as bus, bus entry, in/off sheet connector, power/ground, etc placements

  • Long file and directory names including library files (up to 64 characters)

  • Long directory path statements (up to 256 characters)

  • Full support for OrCAD 9.x binary project (.dsn) and library (.olb) import

  • Full support for Pads PowerPCB ASCII import

  • Integrated SPECCTRA real time Internet Remote Routing with graphical interface and complete user control (SPECCTRA on your desktop).

  • Completely redesigned XP style GUI format and feel including draggable floating toolbars and windows.


New Commands Highlights

ProCAD PowerStation 32 now supports integrated SPECCTRA real time internet remote routing. This service allows you to log onto our high speed servers and execute SPECCTRA in real time to route your board. You have complete control over SPECCTRA operation and routed results are automatically applied to your local design. It is just as if you have a full blown $100K plus SPECCTRA on your local machine. This command is accessible from the [Route][Internet AutoRoute]Remote SPECCTRA (Interactive)... menu item.

  1. Placing special symbols such as power/ground, in/off sheet, bus/entry, etc is now automated with these new composite commands selectable from the floating/dockable place tool bar. These are command equivalence to the corresponding OrCAD capture commands.

  2. You are no longer restricted to 8 character file and library names or 24 character path statement. ProCAD now supports up to 256 character path name and 64 character file names including library names.

  3. Full support for OrCAD Capture 9.x project (dsn) and library (olb) binary import. You can now import evaluation designs from data books which are usually in OrCAD format into ProCAD. Also you automatically have access to thousands of device geometries (library symbols) which are provided by component manufacturers in OrCAD format. In fact, coupled with our PCB component wizard, you'll rarely have to create your own symbols.

  4. ProCAD now supports import of Pads PowerPCB ASCII formats. In addition to our already supported Pads PCB/2000 formats, you can now import virtually all Pads PCB files into ProCAD.

  5. ProCAD PowerStation 32 v7.0 has completely redesigned integrated utility tools (Netlister, Print Manager, Gerber Manager, NC Drill, DBF/LIB archive utility, DXF, etc), through the use of  DLL. Professional Edition users can also invoke these tools as separate programs in a multi-tasking environment.

  6. The user interface has been completely re-designed in XP style format to make it quite easy to use and for new users familiar with Microsoft Windows/Office to become proficient and productive in a few days.


Enhanced Command Highlights

  1. The Live update function in ProCAD always checks for existing updates on our ftp site and notifies the user accordingly. You are now assured of staying current and readily have access to service packs and hot fixes. This feature may however, be turned off from the [Options]Preferences... dialog entry box.

  2. Zoom in/out, rotate, copy, etc commands have been enhanced to include a single click fast operation for common usage. This eliminates multiple key strokes for typical operation while using these commands - a productivity enhancement.

  3. The Print and Gerber control file settings are remembered between invocations of these dialog boxes within a given design/project.

  4. Object selection algorithm has been greatly enhanced including the addition of [Edit][Select]Resume and [Edit][Select]All commands.

  5. All utility tools (Netlister, Gerbers, NC Drill, DXF, PDIF, etc.) now include a user selectable output (project) directory. Also input files required by all utility tools may be accessed from different directories and not necessarily the current project directory.

  6. Improved and very intuitive friendly user interface with more dialog entry boxes. We have made hundred of improvements to various parts of the code to make ProCAD virtually flawless, runs cleaner, faster, and looks and feels nicer !!!.

Current ProCAD License holders click here or contact us to upgrade to v7.0
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