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Headquarters in Sacramento California and development offices in Santa Clara California, Interactive CAD Systems is a company that has been in the business of developing EDA software for the IBM PC since the introduction of the Personal Computer. Prior to releasing our first product in October 1986, we were instrumental in developing some big name PC based CAD software that you might be aware of. We have since shipped thousands of products to satisfied customers world wide, and consistently maintained our products by enhancing our software on a continual basis. Our pledge; "We will never become obsolete, or price our software beyond the average users price budget".

PROCAD PowerStation 32 for Windows, our flagship program, is a result of many years of program development and testing. This true windows application supports advanced features such as Multiple document interface, Virtual memory (practically no size limits !), Multi-tasking, Networking, real time pin & gate swapping, real time cross probing between PCB & Schematics databases, Comprehensive component creation wizard, etc.

We offer feature comparable to high priced dedicated workstations without the high price tag. We guarantee to out-perform any PC based CAD workstations of comparable price with superior Analog, Digital and SMT support features such as: Integrated Schematic Capture, PCB Layout, & 2-D graphics editors (Three Editors in one!), one micron (.001Mil) design resolution, parts and blocks rotation in one degree increments, layer mapping functions for 2-sided SMT design, blind & buried vias support, automatic ground and power plane (copper pour and plow), On-line DRC, complete real time forward & backward annotation, gallery of netlist formats, etc. to name just a few ...


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