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ProCAD PowerStation 32 v6.0 2001 Edition Released


 Introducing ProCAD PowerStation 32 Version 6.0
 for Windows 9x, ME, 2000 & NT (Internet Enabled...)

Interactive CAD Systems is proud to announce a major upgrade to it's CAD/CAE product line for windows. Captioned ProCAD PowerStation 32 Version 6.0 for Windows 9x/ME/2000/NT. This version is upward compatible with its predecessor V5.0 and ProCAD Xtra for DOS, while introducing some enhanced features and a comprehensive component creation wizard.
Product Highlights...
Now easier than ever!.

Improved and very intuitive friendly user interface with more dialog entry boxes. We have made hundred of improvements to various parts of the code to make it virtually flawless, runs cleaner, faster, and looks and feels nicer. If you are familiar with Microsoft applications (Word, Excel, FrontPage, Explorer, etc), you already know how to navigate through ProCAD PowerStation 32. New users can become proficient in days not months - existing users are also covered - no new learning curve!.
Online Documentation...

ProCAD now uses HTML help system - this virtually eliminates the need for printed manuals. We have however, included complete manuals (User’s, Utilities and Reference) on CD in Acrobat PDF format. The On-line manual is also hyper linked which makes it easy to pin point a desired topic of interest. Hardcopy manuals are available at nominal cost.

Ordering Information...

ProCAD PowerStation 32 is now available in three configurations: Please complete the Order form worksheet below and e-mail or fax it to us. You may also place your order via the internet (especially if you elect not to order the printed supplemental manual and CD media - download only).

Note: The Express Edition does not include the local Autorouter, DXF, and SPECCTRA interfaces. The Standard Edition does not include any external utilities. You may not multi-task any of the built in utilities such as PrintManager, Netlister, etc. Also, network and database/library sharing are not supported. The Professional Edition has all the features of the standard edition with added support for multi-tasking and networking. Click here for details or give us a call.
Maintenance Contract

When you purchase a maintenance contract, you will be entitled to incremental updates for bug fixes and enhancements using the Automatic Software Update feature via the internet, Automatic Library downloads from our FTP server over the internet using the IAC of the Library Manager, Special discount on new products, unlimited phone support, and of course free program updates (shipping & handling charges extra). If you have access to the Internet (or plan to have one), you are strongly urged to purchase the maintenance contract and automatically stay current.

If you do not purchase a maintenance contract, you will be entitled to unlimited phone support for the first 90 days, and limited support by E-Mail or Fax thereafter. You also may not receive incremental updates for minor enhancement and bug fixes. You will be notified when there is an upgrade and the cost to acquire one if you so desire.
Still Evaluating ProCAD ???...

For those of you still using the evaluation or lite package, we will upgrade you to the full system at up to 50% off the list price, and still give you full credit for your evaluation or lite package!!!. How can you ever go wrong ?. You should hurry since this special 50% discount offer expires May 25, 2001. Please call us or fax in your order and start using the only Windows based CAD systems with Dynamic Real Time Total Integration® - Single EDA solution for Schematic through PCB Layout in the industry..... not PADS, not Protel, not Tango, not Eagle, not even OrCAD can integrate three editors in one (Schematic, PCB, Mechanical) like we do !!!. 

1. Integrated component wizard. Creating complex footprints (DIP,SOP, PGA, SPGA, etc) is as simple as enterening a few parameters in a dialolg box and watch the footprint created in real time. Create complex professional looking components in seconds, even while in the middle of a design.

2. Placing pins during component creation is now automated with this new command. No need to accurately identify I/O points or use text entities for pin numbers. This command also automates the placement of GND, VCC, etc. Special signals on a pin in design mode. No need to place and explode special symbols.

3. For those of you who prefer different design window backgrounds can now quickly switch between six background/grid/hi-lite selection colors by a single button toggle. 

4. Quick print feature. This eliminates the need to create a print control file, then invoke the print manager. Single click will print the entire drawing with available “scale to fit” option.

5. Quick Gerber feature. This eliminates the need to create a gerber control file, then invoke the gerber manager. Single click will produce gerber file for the current pcb view layer, or optionally all layers specified in a user provided layer control file (*.lcf).

6. Project Manager has been greatly improved with added features.

7. The Netlister has been enhanced to check for single net nodes.

8. The DBF/LIB archiver has been enhanced to operate on a project. A single archive session can archive an entire project to use a single library.
Other Features

Completely integrated utility tools (Netlister, Print Manager, Gerber Manager, NC Drill, DBF/LIB utility, DXF, etc), through the use of DLL. It is not necessary to invoke separate programs to perform tool functions unless you want to multi-task these functions (Professional Edition Only).

1. Upgrade prices are valid when order is placed on or before August 31, 2001.
2. Copy protection removal from our products DOES NOT negate the license agreement. You may NOT operate the software on more than 1 (one) computer simultaneously.

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