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Why Switch to ProCAD PowerStation 32 v7.0 ?

Ask your self the following questions...

Does your current software provide the following ...

  • A complete end-to-end board-level design system at an affordable price ?
  • A tightly integrated Schematic Capture, PCB Layout, Mechanical drafting all in a SINGLE editor with same GUI and commands or do you currently use 3 or more EDA tools to achieve the same result ?
  • A choice of Autorouters including a seamless integration with Remote SPECCTRA ?
  • FREE phone, email and web based support forever ?
  • Reasonably priced upgrades (less than 15% of original price) without requiring you to buy modules you don't need ?
  • Maintain price consistency without an order of magnitude price increase between versions or force you into a maintenance contract ?

If the answer is NO then it’s time to switch to ProCAD PowerStation 32 !

While most of our competitions have either gone out of business or consolidated and increased their price by more than 10 folds, we have remained true to our pledge by keeping our price performance ratio the best in the industry. ProCAD PowerStation 32, our flagship program, is a result of many years of program development and testing. This true easy to use windows application supports advanced features such as XP style user interface with multiple document support, Advance component creation wizard (create complex footprints in seconds), State-of-the-art SPECCTRA autorouting, Full featured Gerber viewer and editor, real time pin & gate swapping, real time cross probing between PCB & Schematics databases, etc. Click here for details. 

How can I import my previous designs into ProCAD PowerStation 32 ?

ProCAD PowerStation includes a wide range of import and export filters for most popular design applications:

- Direct import and export of AutoCAD DXF files

- Direct Orcad® V9 & V7 schematic and library import

- Import PADS® PCB ASCII files and Orcad® Layout (MIN format) files

- Import SPECCTRA® Route files

- Import Gerber 274D and 274X files

- Import and export P-CAD® PDIF PCB,  Schematics  and Library files

- Import and export Protel® Autotrax 4 format files

- Import Tango® PCB Series II files

Why should I switch to ProCAD PowerStation 32  now ?

You can receive up to 60% off* a new ProCAD PowerStation 32 license when you switch from another board design package. Contact us to find out more.

*To take advantage of this offer all you need to do is provide us a proof of purchase for your current design system. You do not need to 'trade-in' your license to be entitled to the offer.

For more information, You may contact Interactive CAD Systems by calling 916-684-1971.



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